We do not give refunds on memberships, but if you purchase one of our domains and don’t register it, we will either replace it or refund it.
Our domains come from a variety of sources. Many are from GoDaddy, Namejet, and other auctions. But the real Juicy Domains are the ones that are not in any auctions, and very few people have access to these domains!
We currently have over 1.2 million domains in our database. Of these 1.2 million, there are over 170,000 non-auction, expired domains, with over 150,000 of these domains having a minimum Trust Flow of 10, and a minimum of 10 referring domains.
Credits are used to analyze backlinks and anchor text of domains in which you are interested.
We do not have a standard for base metrics for our entire inventory. We do, however, have an advanced filtering system that allows you to set whatever base metrics you prefer. For example, we currently have over 150,000 non-auction, expired domains in our database with a minimum Majestic Trust Flow of 10 and a minimum of 10 referring domains.
Auction domains (and some others) are already registered. We will push these domains to your registrar account upon purchase.

Most of the non-auction domains are expired domains that are not registered. Once you purchase (reveal) one of these domains, you may then go and register it at your registrar of choice.


Auction domains are purchased at the auction price.

Non-auction, expired domains are priced according to our proprietary pricing algorithm. Prices for these domains range from $25 to $75, depending on how strong the metrics are. You will also need to pay the registration fee at your registrar of choice for these domains.

Auction domains can go into the $1,000s.

Non-auction, expired domains range from $25 to $75, plus your registration fee.

No. If you are looking at our entire database, you will typically find that 15%–20% of the domains are good. It is up to you to do your due diligence before purchasing any domain from our database, including double checking our Juicy Picks.


Our latest technology scans the Wayback machine and sorts out screenshot history by English and spam keywords. This way we can greatly reduce the amount of foreign language spammed domains.

Our team is constantly hard at work manually checking for domains that meet our guaranteed spam-free criteria. These domains then go on a special list called Juicy Picks. These Juicy Picks are priced the same as our other domains, but save you the trouble of using your credits to manually check the domain yourself (of course, you can always use your credits to double check Juicy Picks too).


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